7 Marketing Tools to Make Your Job Easier!

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There’s an old saying, “Work Smarter, not Harder!” Although to a certain degree, I agree that you should work smarter, sometimes hard work and determination just can’t be beaten. It was my grit and work ethic over the last four years that helped develop stellar habits that complement my skillsets. As well as helping me go from getting paid barely above minimum wage to 60K a year, without a college degree. I know many of you who are working to grow your digital marketing career are hard workers; which is why I have provided seven different tools to pair your determination with a more efficient way to make your job just a little easier!

Marketing Tool #1: The Ultimate Social Media Scheduler

Whenever I committed to posting on social media regularly for a business, I either end up not getting enough features through the free version, or I end up paying $200+ a year for the most basic plan ever. Well, I’m pleased to tell you I don’t have this problem anymore ever since I bought the lifetime version of HeroPost!

Founded in the middle of 2016 (a year that saw Instagram growth quadruple), HeroPost saw an opportunity. Heropost has grown from an invite-only Instagram tool to an ever-growing visual marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more. Their goal is to become one of the biggest Social Media Tools on the market within 2 years. They’ve got some insanely amazing features coming up that are not yet on the market. Not to mention that most of the features they have are based on users’ requests!

In my pro version, I can have unlimited accounts attached and schedule as many posts as I want! They have great analytics, a user-friendly dashboard, and a hashtag generator that slays all those free versions out there! How much did I pay for this you may ask..? I paid $197 for LIFETIME access! That’s right, my subscription doesn’t end until 2081! That’s a long time of scheduling posts if I do say so myself. Not to mention that it was way worth the price, considering I was paying $200 a year with a basic plan from Buffer.com before. So if you’re looking for the ultimate social media scheduler for a limited lifetime deal price of $197, then click here: Get Started | Heropost

Marketing Tool #2: Free Social or Website Content

Looking for some stellar content to put on your website or post on your new social scheduler HeroPost? We’ll I got a fun and easy tool you’ll LOVE! It’s just so disappointing that people don’t share where to find all these cool resources. This is why I’m presenting to you, StorySet! Customize, animate and download various illustrations to make incredible landing pages, apps, or presentations in six easy steps!

  1. Choose the concept that best suits your project.
  2. Select one of the available illustration styles: Rafiki, Bro, Amico, or Pana.
  3. Edit the color, hide the layers that you don’t need, and, depending on the chosen style, pick a simple background, a detailed one, or remove it altogether.
  4. When you’re done, download it as an SVG or PNG image.
  5. Would you like to animate the illustration? Press “Animate it” and have some fun!
  6. Export the animation as an HTML, GIF, or MP4 video format.

Cool resources for content can be hard to find, so start using some of these personalized tools to make your online presence stand out! Start using StorySet free today and have high-quality content! But don’t worry, that’s not all that is free on this list!

Marketing Tool #3: Write Better Headlines for FREE!

Whether you’re trying to come up with a good video title, the title of a blog post, web page, or even a book I have the perfect tool for you! With the ability to be free. With a quick download and easy-to-use extension by CoScheduler, you can analyze a headline, be given tips, suggestions, and even an SEO score to progressively improve your headlines! It gives you an initial score out of 100 where then you can read about ways to improve your very own headline. From skimmability to word balance, you have numerous suggestions you can implement to go from a 60 to 100! Start driving more eyes and traffic with the headline analyzer tool today!

Marketing Tool #4: Best Offline WordPress Website Tool!

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge about WordPress Websites and enhance your skillsets through coding, web design, or website development then do I have the free software for you! Local By Flywheel is a software that you can download free which allows you to use your computer as a local server to make, build and design WordPress websites with ease. You don’t even need hosting! This software allows you to make as many websites as you’d like offline.

I use this software to build my client’s websites before I transfer them to live hosting or even replace their current website’s design. The benefit of this is that the company can continue to run its business online and be completely functional while you build its site! However, if you’re not quite at that level yet, it’s also great if you’re first starting and wanting to learn more about how to use WordPress or practice your design skills and don’t have a live hosted website! This works for both Macs and PCs.

Marketing Tool #5: Web Design with Divi

While we’re on the topic of WordPress and websites, it’s good to know that there is software out there that helps complement your coding skills when building websites. Before I even started learning to code, I used other themes such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, WPBuilder, and several others. However, Divi has been my top choice of web design themes since 2019, when I found it has some of the most extensive design tools, resources, and templates that you can get! There are several designated Facebook Groups you can be a part of to ask questions or get help, as well as thousands of training videos of how to use Divi for free on YouTube!

They too have a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $249! It comes with access to Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch, Hundreds of Website Packs/Templates, Lifetime Updates, Lifetime Premium Support, and best of all Unlimited Website Usage! Not to mention if you subscribe to their newsletter, they’ll send you new and free templates almost every day. I have a specific inbox for them, that’s how much they just give away! Web design is important to a company’s website, so start using Divi today!

Marketing Tool #6: Easiest Content Portfolio EVER!

I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase, “content is king,” but do any of you put your content on a throne? I figured not… This is why keeping track of all the content you ever made can be a mess. ClearVoice has a free and easy way to show off your copywriting skills all in one location! Their platform also allows you to possibly do some freelance work, which is neat! Overall, you can use this as a way to show off your portfolio of content that you’ve created for any company or upload content you write but never publish! Don’t forget you can link it to your LinkedIn profile or put it on your resume. Either way, it’ll help you stay organized over time. So start connecting your content with ClearVoice!

Marketing Tool #7: Find Royalty-Free Photos Fast

If you’re like most marketers, you struggle to find good-quality photos that are free to use for business and personal purposes. Not every business has the ability to hire out a professional photographer team to capture breathtaking pictures all the time. So we tend to turn to the free options! However, if you want to make your search easy, use this website to search multiple databases to find exactly what you’re looking for! With Chamber of Commerce, you can browse through over 1 million high-quality stock photos across multiple free and paid stock photo sites — from one tab. Then click on the one you want to download and it will take you directly there to snag! Cut your search for free stock photos in half by using this amazing resource! However, you’re more than welcome to use any of the other free photo sites below as well:


Hopefully, you found one of these seven resources, tools, or software of interest to further your progress as a digital marketer! If you’re looking for more resources, tips, and tricks then don’t forget to follow me for more content like this! Although to a certain degree, I agree that you should work smarter not harder, hard work and determination just can’t be beaten. So keep up the great work your doing, keep researching and keep my blog in mind to get more resources and tips. I figure everyone could use a little helping hand every once in a while. So let me help you on your journey through digital marketing!

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