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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to get a bachelor’s degree in marketing to be successful?

A: No, a bachelor’s degree isn’t the only way to further your marketing career. Experience is the number one driver! However, getting your degree is still important and will give you great insights, resources, and experience along the way. It’ll definitely help, but it’s not the number one factor that will get you a high-paying job.

Q: How long have you been doing digital marketing?

A: I’ve been in the deep end of this industry for over 3 years now, have over 12 certifications, and experience with helping small, local, e-commerce, and even international companies in their online presence and marketing efforts.

Q: Are you willing to mentor?

A: Yes, of course! My goal as I have been furthering my career is to give back along the way by helping others who are on the same journey expand their skillsets, knowledge, and resources.

Q: Do you have your own marketing courses?

A: No, currently I don’t have any courses online that you can purchase or watch. However, stay in touch with me on LinkedIn or follow my website/blog in order to be notified when those will be published so you can advance your career faster as I did!

Q: Where do you go to grow your own knowledge and understanding of digital marketing?

A: There are several areas in which I grow my own knowledge and understanding of the strategies of online marketing. These include credible books, courses on Udemy or from well-known specialized businesses (Click Funnels, Niel Patel, etc.), my education through my university (Utah Valley University), or even staying up to some popular and credited YouTubers.

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