As many of my readers know, I started my personal and professional journey in digital marketing in 2018 and just in 3 years rapidly went from making barely over $13/hour to 60K a year without an undergraduate degree. What many of you don’t know is that there was a specific journey that I had to go through to make that happen though. There were even aspects, had I learned faster, I would have skyrocketed my experience and salary much sooner.

In this article though, we’re going to go over the moment when digital marketing actually started to click for me and how that moment is what drove my success upward at a much faster rate. Here, you’ll learn this key important factor that will hopefully make a life-changing moment for your marketing journey as well! And if you’re just starting your journey, maybe even advance your career faster than myself.

Building My Foundation

Just as NASA and other space programs build solid foundations and essential parts for a rocket ship to launch off into space, my marketing foundation for lift-off was no different! Several moving parts had to be built and laid down for me to get the momentum I needed to launch my career faster than the average graduate! Like most people first starting, I had NO knowledge or skillsets in business or digital marketing. However, the following steps I took got me into gear to start off running!

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First, I was not only able to take an internship where I was able to research, study and practice entry-level marketing skillsets; but was hired afterward to teach my newly developed knowledge and build an entire internship program for the business. This allowed me to solidify the knowledge and skillsets I gained and reinforce them into my brain and train others to work towards helping the business with their overall online presence. Seeing my interns that I was teaching glow with excitement gave me great joy, as I had that same fire.

Preparing for Lift Off!

After building my initial knowledge of digital marketing, I was then able to move into a position that prepared me to build the components together. I networked and shared resources with friends and colleges which allowed me to be part of groups that were driven just as much as I was to grow their credentials.

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I bought courses from professionals that allowed me to deepen my understanding when performing each of the different channels. I put everything to the test I was learning. Not only to practice but assess if several of these methods were even working, as I moved to different positions and companies.

Whether it was about the best practices of copyrighting, learning how to build websites from scratch, or optimizing social media algorithms to better advertise… I soaked it all up! Which then became the fuel to my rocket which was ready to ignite.

Launching My Understanding & My Career!

I got to the point where I had to choose a path where I needed to specialize. I couldn’t keep trying to learn and be good at everything, because each channel was getting more and more complex. There’s a reason why people are just copyrighters, web developers, SEO specialists, and so on. As I thought about what I wanted to specialize in, I came across a company that would change my whole perspective of how all the channels in marketing fit together. That company was Click Funnels.

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I ended up purchasing a course and challenge called, “The One Funnel Away Challenge” which then taught me how to be a more effective marketer both overall, and within each channel! From the point I took that one-on-one training from Russell Brunson, my whole life and perspective of marketing changed. I then became more effective at creating strategic plans to drive more traffic, optimize online presences, and help businesses truly focus on the channels and funnels that would bring about real results. I was able to see and put together the pieces that they needed to build a more individualized and promising marketing plan.

I didn’t just take off. I bolted & soared into the sky and past the moon! Not only in my understanding of digital marketing, but also in my professional skills and career. Even as the pandemic was creating nothing but chaos, I was moved from one job to another with ease since I was able to produce the results and professional skillsets that businesses were looking for.

Look At That View!

I’ve heard that the process astronauts take to be launched into space is vigorous, but the views make the journey well worth it. The same is true as we look back on the experiences we’ve each have had from different points in our lives. We can see the impact that certain moments made, and the domino effect on our decisions and choices. If there are a few take-aways from my story, I hope you learned five things.

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  1. Jump into things and learn as you go. Sometimes the best way to figure things out is to just get started!
  2. Take opportunities to learn, even if it pays crappy (like my first internship and job did). It’ll be well worth it in the long run.
  3. Don’t just learn, but teach others as well! Solidify what you’re learning and help others rise to the occasion with you on your journey.
  4. Take courses, classes, and be mentored by those who know more than you! You’ll go a lot further in your career and life as you humbly apply other’s experiences and expertise.
  5. Lastly, pursue whatever channel of marketing you’re most passionate about! Love what you do, and never stop giving your all.

I’m not a perfect person by any means, but I hope that by sharing my experience and providing powerful tools to move you into the direction of fueling and even igniting the launch of your understanding and career in digital marketing! Feel free to look into taking the challenge I took from Click Funnels as well! I promise you’ll never regret it and it’ll be very insightful. For more tips, tricks, and even resources you don’t want to miss out on — make sure to read my other articles on my channel!

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