Marketing Secrets #2 — Funnel Hacking Explained

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Some of you may have already read the article about the moment when digital marketing clicked for me and how it completely changed the game for me. This turning point helped skyrocket my career and performance as a marketing specialist. Well, for those of you who were interested in a sneak peek of the tactics that made the difference, here you go! We’re going a little more in-depth about marketing funnels in this article. So stay tuned to learn about where effective marketing strategies are built!

To give you a little bit of an introduction, watch this 13-minute video by Russell Brunson on how he began his journey from making 0$ to $100,000,000 in just 3 years, all by using a tactic called a marketing funnel…

Basic Overview

To give you a quick recap of what Russell shared, he went over the beginning stages of what his business ended up developing into. Some of the most important things he shared in his briefing, that to outperform all of your competitors, you need to have a more hand-holding experience with your online customer or lead. General websites that have no focus on their goals with their visitors aren’t going to do you any good. You need to have a flow of how you get your potential customer to become well aware of what actions you’d like them to take.

Russell shared about how he went from using a landing page to creating a journey of which he then upsells people a related product or service. From there he then showed an even greater path that he sent his viewers on to intensify his business growth and customer retention. Now that we have a good overview of what Russell did, let’s get into the secrets of funnel hacking and creating effective marketing strategies!

Funnel Hacking

First of all, let’s get into the three stages of how to build an effective marketing funnel. Those include driving traffic to our website, exchanging something of value to them for their email in return, then we redirect them to the different journey points where we try and eventually sell them something. So let’s dive into the first part!

We have to first drive traffic to our website. No matter how good your website or landing page is until you get people to view it you’re not going to grow. There are three different types of Traffic. Paid traffic, earned traffic, and traffic you own.

  • Paid traffic is when you pay outside resources to get in front of your target customers to convince them to go to your webpage. Some of the top platforms used for paid traffic include Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Google, and even TikTock is growing its ad functionalities. The problem with these is that your cost is subject to change according to their desires. Great platforms to use, but don’t heavily and only rely on this form of traffic.
  • The traffic you earn is through free methods such as having an audience on a podcast, organic posting on social media or even being a guest on another influencer’s channel. The benefits of this are that it’s not only free but you can create opportunities to network and have connections for great professional relationships.
  • The traffic you own is connected to the next stage of attaining visitors’ emails in exchange for something of value. This overall ends up being free traffic from an audience you own that you can refer back to in order to increase your chances of getting a sale or an additional sale.

Afterward, the key to a successful funnel is making sure you capture their information! The reason for this is that it’s free or very cheap to send out email campaigns. By exchanging an eBook or some other product for their email you create a pool of potential contacts of which you can contact them to help influence them to purchase through the rest of your funnel. Just make sure to have an offer that your visitor can’t refuse to exchange their email for!

Redirecting them to the rest of the funnel is just as important! When it comes to the journey you should send them on, it depends on what your goals are as a company. Overall, after you get their info you should send them to a sales page where you offer them a product or service where the only action you direct them to do is to purchase it. Whether you’re sending out emails or other forms of advertisements you can provide upsells, down sells, or other landing pages that will allow them to become a more valuable customer. Their journey through your offers can bring value to their lives and your business. This part of the journey and stage can be customized to whatever you need to be done and the type of industry you’re in. However, there is a certain finesse that comes with building effective marketing strategies. Let’s go over the top resource I would recommend helping you get started on building marketing strategies and funnels!

Marketing Strategies

Being able to really put all the pieces and channels of digital marketing together is a skill that develops over time. Marking strategies really innocence are built upon the foundations of creating effective marketing funnel’s. The journey that a customer goes through is the most important part of any business. It’s important because it is how a business can effectively grow in sales, revenue, and as a business in general. Knowing how to create marketing strategies for various industries and businesses would be a complete and standalone article. So in this piece, we’ll just go over some resources that can help you build out an effective marketing funnel for your business or your personal skillsets and knowledge!

Although all funnels might not look the same, the principles of how to move them from stage to stage are universal. It is all done by using a Hook, Story, and an Offer. There is one resource that I will refer to above any other. It’s a course that you can buy from a company called Click Funnels. Russel Brunson, the guy you watched earlier, does a phenomenal job at sharing in detail how this process works. In this course, you go into deep details of how to create a hook, story, and offer throughout all the different stages of a marketing funnel. He also goes into deep detail about the ways in which you can drive traffic, form marketing funnels, and even has software to help you get started if you choose to do so.

I’ve used this course to develop my skills and have used several of their tactics to develop successful marketing strategies for various companies. So if you’re interested in learning how to maximize your marketing strategy through funnels, then you’ll most definitely want to click the link below and start funnel hacking today!

Click Funnel’s “One Funnel Away Challenge”

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